Consent to collection and use of personal information
and provision of personal information to a third party
DRB Cyber Audit Department values personal information and adheres to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and Personal Information Protection Act. DRB retains and utilizes personal information collected for the following purpose.

  • 1Purpose: acknowledgement of receipt of reports and sending final report, further confirmation of reported content, and for future follow-up tasks.
  • 2Items of personal information to be collected
    - All personal information, including name, contact information (phone number, mobile phone number), email address, etc.
  • 3Method of collecting personal information: refer to DRB website (go to “Submitting a Report”)
  • 4Period of use and retention: three years after receipt of report
  • 5Purpose of collection and use of personal information: investigate facts and send processing results to informants
    If the purpose of use is modified, the informant’s consent to such modification shall be obtained.


Confirmation of password
Contact information - -
E-mail @
How to send reply    


Related corporation            
Title of report
Object of report
Date of occurrence
Place of occurrence
Report content
Enclosed file
- up to 10MB


In cases where the tip-off information is not sufficiently specific (i.e., informant’s name, name of a company, etc.), the investigation may be delayed or called off. Hence, informants are advised to provide as much information as possible. Reports comprising groundless denunciation or slander or simple customer complaints (lack of hospitality, late delivery, quality issues, etc.) may not be investigated.

  • 1Title: what you experienced, directly saw or heard, and/or came to know through rumors, etc.
  • 2Object: OO Team, John Doe (person related to John Doe)
  • 3Content: list details such as date, place, scale, etc.
    ex) E.g. in February 2021, John Doe asked OOO, president of a partner company, for KRW 1 million in cash in return for bidding information.
  • 4Further information: I believe that General Manager John Doe is aware of this matter, and his contact number is 000-123-4567.
  • 5Please keep a note of report receipt number and password.