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CEO Statement

Since its foundation in 1945, DRB has been achieving sustainable growth by practicing management systems of social value, human rights, ethics, environment, and quality based on its core values of the company, honesty, and trust.

DRB has successfully led the domestic rubber industry by localizing rubber belts for the first time in Korea and has developed products that the times demand through constant change and innovation.

Our enterprise has been evolving from the rubber industry to the future high-tech industry, contributing to the developing industries worldwide and improving human quality of life.

DRB, as a global corporation, will continue to follow the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), respect the seven core themes and values pursued by ISO 26000, and engage in management activities with a sense of responsibility of corporate citizenship.

Also, we will continue to meet the demands and expectations of CSR compliance from our stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, and executives, by supporting international commitments related to human rights and labor practices in the supply chain.

DRB promises that we will do our best to contribute to the health and happiness of humanity, have a positive impact on the ecosystem and the environment, sustainable growth of all stakeholders, including investors, consumers, executives, and partners, and the well-being and development of the global community.
Thank you.
DRB Holding Co., Ltd. CEO
DRB Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO ȯ