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R&D History R&D History

R&D History


  • 2016Developed an energy-saving conveyor belt


  • 2015Developed the SMART2 (special function) rubber track for excavators/CTL
    Developed a pad for Radioactive Waste Treatment Facilities
  • 2014Developed an energy-saving Power transmission belt (BR material)
  • 2013Developed a flame-resistant conveyor belt (JIS level 1, KS level 1)
  • 2012Developed the composite beam BESTOBEAM
  • 2011Developed a cantilever-type vibration control system, the MEED Damper
    Developed a wide (1800w) air-cushioned conveyor belt


  • 2010Developed a lintel-beam-type vibration control system, the Hy-Calm Damper
    Developed rubber track & undercarriage system for CTL
    Developed a lintel-beam-type vibration control system, the GSF Damper
    Developed fire resistant air floating conveyor belt
    Developed the rubber membrane parapet
    Developed a lintel-beam-type vibration control system, the Hy-Vic Damper
    Developed the SMART1 (special function) rubber track for excavators
  • 2009Developed a large-diameter pipe conveyor belt
    Developed a lintel-beam-type vibration control system, the SS, SF Damper
    Developed a shock mount for conveying nuclear fuel
    Developed Air Floating Conveyor System
    Developed Foldable Rubber Dames
  • 2008Developed a round belt for cleaning air-conditioner filters
  • 2007Developed a cam plate for high-speed railway and an elastic separator
    Developed a dual cogged variable speed belt for large combines
    Developed a power transmission belt for clothes dryers
  • 2006Developed a rubber track for firefighting robots
    Developed a non-core iron rubber track


  • 2005Developed an undercarriage system for excavators
    Developed Platform Gap Filler
    Developed a gasket for submerged tunnels
  • 2004Developed a super heat-resistant conveyor belt
    Developed the Combined Management Program (CMP)
  • 2003Developed a rubber pad
  • 2001Developed a rubber spring for rolling stocks


  • 1999Developed seismic isolation rubber
    Developed a vehicle impact absorption system
  • 1998Developed a rubber track for excavators
    Developed an oil fence
  • 1996Developed a vibration absorbing pad for railway tracks
    Developed a high-strength bearing pad
  • 1995Developed the Dynamic Cured TPR
  • 1986Established the company-attached research center(Accreditation No. 861015)