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About us

Innovation is our tradition.

Harmonizing long standing tradition with ever changing environment, DRB continues to grow in the business of innovation based on traditional manufacturing. DRB began in the rubber industry in 1945, steering the birth of Korea's industrial rubber industry with the first Korean manufactured rubber belt. DRB has since then been answering the needs over the years through tenacious research and innovation. Reinforcing our research and development capabilities through very own R&D Center. DRB has evolved from our roots in the rubber industry to advanced future technologies, contributing to industrial development around the world.

  • Date of establishmentSeptember 30, 1945

    BusinessVehicle Sealing, Construction Materials, Seismic Isolation&Vibration Control

  • Date of establishmentOctober 1, 2012

    (Date of Initial Establishment Sept 30, 1945)

    BusinessPower Transmission Belt, Conveyor Belt&System, Rubber Track & Rubber Pad