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Environment-friendly Management

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

With the goal of contributing to global environmental protection by creating a clean environment and safe workplace, DRB is leading in the realization of environment-friendly management and an accident-free workplace, and declares the following environmental safety and health policy.

Environment Management System & Safety and Health Management System

Environment-friendly Activities

We aim to make a clean workplace by minimizing various pollutants generated in the process of manufacturing products.

Environmental management

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Air quality
  • ·Operating preventing facilities, such as the filtration system, the adsorption system, the cleaning system and the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, depending on characteristics

  • ·Using a self-monitoring agency to continuously measure the concentration of the gas emissions(more than once a month)

Water quality Water quality
Water quality
  • ·The water treatment process through physical, chemical and biological treatment

  • ·1/10 of the legally allowable standard

  • ·Reusing more than 95% of waste water by introducing a waste water reuse system

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Resource recycling
  • ·Operating different waste management systems by process and characteristic

  • ·Increasing the percentage of recycled water by finding contractors and studying treatment methods

  • ·Recruiting ideas for reducing scrap generation through an internal suggestion system