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Conveyor System Conveyor System

Conveyor System

DRB implements the best conveyor system for conveyor belt operations based on the know-how of a conveyor belt manufacturer. It provides excellent products and engineering services by managing all processes from designing and constructing conveyor systems optimized for customers environment, and follow-up management.

Pipe/Return Pipe Conveyor System

The pipe/return pipe conveyor system is an innovative conveyance system that made the most of the general conveyor, which is most widely used and most economical, and compensates for its disadvantages. It is a very economical and environment-friendly conveyance system.

Application performance

  • Yeongheung Thermoelectric Power Plant limestone conveyance line(2012)
  • Sungshine Cement Clinker transfer equipment(2010)
  • CHILE ANGAMOS cogeneration plant CHS(2009)
  • Korea Zinc Zinc Fuming Plant Dust E.P plate(2007)

Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor System

This System minimizes installation space to increase work efficiency and convey material even on a steep slope without loss of the material.

Application performance

  • OS-Himetal Z-Conveyor design corrugated side wall belt(2011)
  • Hyundai Cement alternative fuel input system(2009)
  • Sumitomo Metal RH & LF system(2009)
  • Hanwha Co-generation Corporation(Yeosu) cogeneration Coal Handling(2008)

Air Floating Conveyor System

This system conveys by using compressed air without an idler that moves a conveyor belt. Noise is minimized by reducing the vibration generated during conveyance, and it is designed suitable for high-speed conveyance on a line with many curves

Application performance

  • Onoda Pacific air-floating conveyor system(2015)
  • Power Plant (2012 ~ 2013)
    1. Bukpyung Thermal Power Plant Unit 1 & 2
    2. Samchoek Green Power Plant Unit 1 & 2
    3. Taean Thermal Power Plant Unit 9 & 10
    4. Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Unit 9 & 10
  • POSCO(Gwangyang) thick plate capacity expansion project steel-making equipment(2008)

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